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Need Help?

Students only: to reset your MyFielding and Moodle (Fielding Learner) password go to https://password.fielding.edu. Answer three security questions and then create a new password. If Fielding ID is one of the questions, make sure to enter it as seven characters with one or more leading zeroes.

All users: if you are having difficulties logging in to the MyFielding portal (https://my.fielding.edu) you might need to use an alternate username:

  • IF the authentication screen offers the option to "Use another account," select that option.
  • For your username IN THAT CASE, try "fielding\username" (make sure to: omit the quotes, use a back slash rather than forward slash, use your Fielding username rather than the word "username").

All users: if you have difficulties logging in to WebAdvisor, note that it is now accessed from within the MyFielding portal.

All users: if you have difficulties searching library databases, email library@fielding.edu.

All users: to set up a Zoom account, go to https://zoom.us/signup. You will need to supply your Fielding email address as part of the setup process. For Zoom support, go to https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us.

For Fielding Learner (Moodle) assistance click Moodle Help

For other Fielding assistance email support@fielding.edu